Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kebun Bunga Ride, Betong, Thailand.

23 & 24 May 2009, Saturday & Sunday.

The Kebun Bunga Ride @ Flower Garden Ride at Betong Thailand was successfully done. Aprox. 50 riders from various places in Malaysia & Thailand joined the ride. Total distance may vary from each riders but the average distance if cycle from Betong city is about 45Km on hilly road.

This ride is to continue from the first Betong Ezi Ride which happened in early April 2009.

23 May - Saturday

Some riders arrived at Betong at the Saturday evening & overnight at Betong famous hotel - My House.

Me & Azam arrived at Baling 2330hrs and overnight at Baling Rest House. Thanks to Razif for the accommodation arrangement.

The bikes: on the THULE carrier. Ready to go...>>>
24 May - Sunday

Early morning, while waiting others at the Malaysia/Thailand border before entering to Thailand.

Razif & Azam.
Hanif the first rider arrived after us...
Early morning @ 0745hrs...the immigration office still quite...
The riders cycling from the border...entering to Betong
More ..... the KrohMTB members in action..
Smiling....down hill maa..
Ferhud...always smile

All riders at the Betong mountain bike shop before the ride..small picture the bike shop tokey...AminFirst the Hot spring....Roslan & RamlySp

MCT...Manjung Cycling Team also joined..

Toward the Kebun Bunga...the first hill

Second Piyamit Tunnel

I though this is Kebun Bunga..because the cycling route quite interesting...but the real Kebun Bunga is 7Km more...the most challenge route for this trip..

Tai Chi...from ZanKX.. release the pain & tension..

Yus...come early to play golf at with new rigid fork..MOSSO

Take a deep breath....
Betong riders....sawaadi kap..

30 minute break..refuel & cooldown

Yusri & far so good

Like in China town....

After a huge and difficult uphill.... the destination @ Kebun front...lets go

Azam...arrived..the replacement for the puncture almost done...

After have some drinks & short break at Kebun Bunga..assemble at the T-junction..before cycling back to Betong town...

5 minute break....
Adik Imran....special post...under age riders...congratulation...till meet again in the next ride

Lengkong & serbat a refreshment after the ride....

The Betong town.....offer multiple 'Astro' with different colour receiver...I choose the big one

Betong mtb shop..offer many kind of mtb accessories...

Some of the achivement for the Betong Mountain Club....the winner & etc

Thanks to all riders & organizer...very nice trip & most challenge route...till meet again in the next ride...

more story & photo for the ride



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