Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kangar - Gua Kelam - Kangar >>Last ride of the 2008

This morning self with Nizam @ jejaka cycling to Kaki Bukit (Gua kelam) . The initial plan starting at 0700hrs but unlikely my front tyre...bussst...puncture...So the cycling delay for 1 find new spare tube..
>>Hasnizam @ Jejaka also active in freeland photographer..visit his WEB 0800hrs..the cycling begin...the weather today is great...thanks Allah..Cycling for almost 5 km....we meet with TRM who are planing cycling to Satun with the same route with us...then we stop to have breakfast & TRM continue cycling.....

My new slick tyre look not good...may be the inner tube is not suitable....need to fillup again after 10 to 15 km ride....after 1 hr and 20 minute ride...reach at Gua Kelam..the distance almost 28 km from Kangar....
Gua Kelam new attraction is 'mini train' which offer new experience for Gua Kelam 2. So the visitor who are interested to feel the different are invited to come here...Also suitable for children & adult..who like to swim...

After that..we climb up Wang Kelian...fuh..fuh...the route to Satun...
Finally return to Kangar after almost 4 hrs cycling at total distance 64km +-...more photo...

Taiping Jamboree @ Kayuhan Warisan Taiping 08 - The race day....

The Kayuhan Warisan Taiping 08 offer a great memory to remember....even though more than half members from perlispowermtbclub who registered... not able to join the event for a few reasons..... I would like to say thank you very much to the sponsors & organiser for the event..the most important..everybody completed the riding in safe and happy...

till meet again next year...more story from...

1.kayuhan warisan taiping 08
2.geng ta'dak group

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taiping Jamboree @ Kayuhan Warisan Taiping 08 - pre race day....

I have been to Taiping for the 3rd time on 21/12/08 for accommodation arrangement perlispowerclub members...for cycling event on 28/12/08. First and 2nd time with family during scholl holidays for the past 2 years ago.....also this time with family after have short visit to Cameron Highland and a week at Lumut, Perak for training (working matter).

The Taiping city which offer interesting place to visit such as Night Safari, Larut Hill, Taman Tasik a great place to stay.

After a few minute in the Taiping City to find a hotel..finally....Meridien Hotel...yes may be this one...Then I park my car in front of hotel and go to reception....I'm lucky...I get the for 2 super deluxe which cost RM118 each..with 2 queen bed & 1 single bed...I believe it's enough for all members...more than 10 persons.. originally 14 members but not everybody will sleep there ...after all the matter done hopefully will come again..with mountain bike......and wait for almost a go

The race day...coming soon..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kayuhan Warisan Taiping 08 - Meeting point

dear perlispowermtbclub members..for this up coming event..KWT08..I already booking 2 super deluxe room for all team members. The hotel is MERIDIEN HOTEL which located at centre Taiping City and very close to starting point (approximately 10 minute cycling from hotel). Check in time on 27/12/08 2:00pm and check out 12:00pm on the next day.

To get there..if from North South Highway:

1. Exit Changkat Jering..
2. After tol ..T junction..take left
3. Next traffic light..take left
4. Follow the sign board..'Taiping'..will reach the junction to Taiping..take right..
5. The Hotel Meridien located at your left if you follow this route
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Note : The Hotel building is assemble with HSBC

The mtb participant still not yet book the hotel can do so from this hotel or others Hotel in Taiping


Any doubt please do not hesitate to contact me..ari

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Talk of the month.....2/dis/08 - Know your MTB...

Dear of the month for 2nd edition is about 'know your mountain bike (MTB)'.

There's a lot of terminology to learn if you're a mountain biking enthusiast.

However, there is also biking terminology that stays the same, regardless of the age of the user, and that's the terms used for individual parts of the bike. And its important to know these as well.

1. Bottom bracket - A circular hole in the bottom frame of the bike, used to attach the crankset.

2. Brake cable - The cable that connects the brake lever to the brake mechanism.

3. Brake lever - Lever on the handlebar which activates the brakes. The left lever controls the front brake, the right lever controls the rear brake.

4. Chain - The set of circular metal links which transfers power from the chain ring to the cogs. There are two types of bicycle chains: bushing and bushingless.

5. Chainring - Part of the crankset. A sprocket or toothed wheel which attaches to the crank and holds the chain. Bikes can have from two to three chainrings.

6. Crank - Part of the crankset. The lever or "arm" which connects the pedal to the bottom bracket.

7. Spindle - Part of the bottom bracket. The free rotating axle to which the crank arms attach.

8. Derailleur - The device which moves the chain from one chainring to another inorder to shift gears.

9. Down tube - Part of the frame. The tube which runs diagonally from the head tube (supporting the handlebars) to the bottom bracket. Above this is the top tube, which runs from the head tube to the seat.

10. Front shock - A suspension system on the front fork which allows the bike to absorb shocks without transmitting them to the rider.

11. Handlebar - The horizontal bar located at the front of the bike which is used to steer, and which will contain the shifters and break levers and any other items a cyclist wishes to have within easy reach.

12. Headset - The device which houses the bearings that enables the handlebars and front wheel to rotate on the frame of a bike. There are two types of headset, the threaded and the threadless.

13. Hub - The center part of the bicycle wheel, consisting of an axle and ball bearings to allow the wheel to move easily. In addition, the spokes radiate out from the hub to the bicycle rim.

14. Idler pulley- A pulley takes up slack in the chain in order to keep it tight at all times.

15. Nipple - Small threaded cylinders in the bicycle rim which secure a spoke to the rim.

16. Pedal - A short metal bar on which to put your foot, in order to propel the bicyle. The pedal is attached to the crank. Pedals can be simple or come attached with clips in which to put your shoes to increase leverage.

17. Rear shock - On a dual suspension bike, the device that absorbs shocks from the rear tire.

18. Rim - The metal ring to which the bicycle tire is fitted, and to which the breakes apply their force. The interior of the rim holds the spokes which give strength to the tire.

19. Spokes - The thick wires that join the hub to the rim. The amount of spokes determine how strong the tire will be. Spokes can also be arranged in different patterns, which affect twisting and brake forces.

20. Skewer - A metal rod that attaches the wheel to the frame of the bicycle. On one end is a nut to keep the skewer secure, on the other is the release mechanism, which is secured either by a "quick release" toggle, or with bolts.

21. Saddle - Also called the seat. Something to sit on!

22. Seat post - The tubular support to which the saddle is connected. This tube is then placed into the seat tube, and can be raised or lowered depending on the rider.

23. Stem - The metal piece that attaches the handlebar to the steering tube.

References :



Thursday, December 11, 2008

1000 hits...after 2.5 months

Dear all...I would like to say thanks a lot to all visitors to our blog at . This blog which start early of October 08... to publish the sports activities especially cycling - the mountain bike.

The main visitor are from Malaysia, follow by USA and the Asia country.More detail...

Time to time this blog need improvement so that everybody could enjoyed the cycling activities entirely Malaysia and all over the world. The club members and the visitor could give their contribution for free by 'click' at the goggle ads as part off the web advertisement..example as per photo below>>>

New site or segment about mtb already publish such as 'talk of the month' that discuss anything about cycling....not only bicycle but the product which related with mtb.

The IT (information technology) news which will discuss about new IT product or/and how to start and manage the blog will coming soon insyaAllah.

Any contribution or comments are most welcome and could address to

ari..the blog administrator >>11/12/08

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talk of the month.....1/dis/08 - Start to ride MTB...

Dear all..mountain biking not just cycling a bicycle..but a lot of knowledge to gain before become a skill and good riders...this talks is to share the knowledge and experient about mountain biking..any comment are most welcome..

A mountain bike can be ridden on and off road.It is a great way to exercise every time you go out and the conditions are different. This form off road cycling takes you away from traffic. Start off on easy flat paths and as you develop your skills look for more challenging difficult terrain. Even on a cold or hot day, riding off road in a fence protected area could result in you getting hot so remember to have 50% more drink than you think you need. When it is very windy, heavy rain or hot day to cycle on the off road is a great way to improve fitness and skills. Often cycling for half the time on muddy trails can leave you more tired than twice the time spent road riding.

Any fat tyre mountain bike can be ridden off road; there are many types from level entry to specialize down hill bikes. It is very important that your mountain bike is road worthy and reliable, as off road riding will soon let you down miles from anywhere.

Hydration pack (Camel back) are often the mountain biker’s choice due to drinks bottles getting caked in mud or falling off. They are bladder filled with your favorite drink in a mini rack sack which can also be used for carrying mobile phone, water proofs food tools etc. A hydration system also can have greater capacity up to 3.0 liters. It is hard to take one hand off your handlebars and reach for a bottle while cycling along bumpy tracks.

Clip less style pedals are the mountain bikers preferred choice, stopping your feet from slipping off, but you could un-clip any time just by twisting your ankle outwards. Always take a good multi tool that has a wide selection of Allen keys for repairs like loose bolts and broken chain etc. Good reliable pump and 2 spare inner tubes are also required plus puncture repair kit. You can go months without a flat tyre then get 3 in one day.

Wear several layers allowing you good movement and the ability to be at the right temperature. Aerodynamics is less important than riding on the road, Good balance is more important.Gloves for protection are also invaluable to protect you against common minor falls. Wearing cycle mitts can save your hands from thorns, branches and stinging nettles especially along narrow tracks and paths.

Glasses are also part of experienced off road rider’s equipment to keep out dust mud grit and bugs. Helmets are a must from low branches flying up gravel and any crash. A good detailed map will help you discover parts that most riders ignore...or you can buy the GPS if the budget allow..