Thursday, December 11, 2008

1000 hits...after 2.5 months

Dear all...I would like to say thanks a lot to all visitors to our blog at . This blog which start early of October 08... to publish the sports activities especially cycling - the mountain bike.

The main visitor are from Malaysia, follow by USA and the Asia country.More detail...

Time to time this blog need improvement so that everybody could enjoyed the cycling activities entirely Malaysia and all over the world. The club members and the visitor could give their contribution for free by 'click' at the goggle ads as part off the web advertisement..example as per photo below>>>

New site or segment about mtb already publish such as 'talk of the month' that discuss anything about cycling....not only bicycle but the product which related with mtb.

The IT (information technology) news which will discuss about new IT product or/and how to start and manage the blog will coming soon insyaAllah.

Any contribution or comments are most welcome and could address to

ari..the blog administrator >>11/12/08

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