Friday, July 24, 2009


What do u need before start :

1. Cycling

2. Running

Some people cycling or running because to as their hobby....lets check before u start....

>>>HOW to choose ur bike????

>>>HOW to choose ur running shoes????


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UUM-Mountain Bike XC-R '09

The event happend on Sunday 19 July 2009.

3 riders from Perlis Power MTB Club...Hj Nik, Nazeri & Ari last minute no able to joined the event. Hj Nik with personnel matter..sms to me...said his prolem.

"Nazeri and me also not able to go there" a reply sms to Hj Nik.

Due to work committment...which is the riding has to cancelled. But we hope to take our goddies @ t-shirt & jersey later from the organiser.


A few blog below comment about the event:


RushDone MTB


gerek gunung

kayuh baimbai

cycling for healthy live

Team Seri Serdang

Pawana Riders

What ever the comment and riders said about the event take it as positive. May be for the next MTB jamboree the improvement should take place.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Why Cycling ??


Why Running??

Because both are faster than walking......

There are many reason why people cycling or running....


Reason :

1. weight loss

2. hobby

3. go to work

4. race or competition

5. transportation

6. prestige

7. the bicycle not require fuel

8. the bicycle is cheap

9. my father give me as present - it's free of charge

10. my friend as me to cycling with her

11. more..more...



1. I'm late to work

2. The dog is chasing me...

3. It is going to rain

4. I don't like walking

5. I buy new running shoes

6. I'm look mancho

7. weight loss

8. I don't like cycling

9. to increase my fitness

10. hobby

11. I want to move faster than my friends

12. To burn more calories

13. more..more..more

There will be more than hundred reason why people cycling or running . ...

What expert says about these matter :

1. Orthopedic researchers from the Indiana University stress that running and jumping exercises during childhood and adolescence help build bone density and strength, thus preventing against osteoporosis later in life. Running and jumping are weight bearing exercises and thus are more effective than cycling or swimming for building bone strength. More detail....

2. The long run starts with the longest distance you've covered within the last two weeks and increases by one mile on a weekly long run up to 8-10 miles. At that point, you'll shift to running long every other weekend, increasing by two miles each time. For the marathon, once you reach 18 miles, increase by three miles every third week. For the half marathon, once you reach 8 miles, increase by two miles every third week. More detail.....

3. Tip to become a runner. More detail.....

4. Running training tip. More detail.....

5. Cycling basics. More detail....

6. More about cycling from EXPERT.....More detail....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nibong Tebal MTB Adventure '09- TOP 20

The following are list of top 20 riders


1. Shahrin Amir 896 DueRoda Extreme Bianchi 9.45 a.m
2. Azizan Manap 250 Sri Serdang 9.51 a.m
3. Zabidi Ali 111 LeTua 9.57 a.m
4. Danny Khaw 154 MKH 9.58 a.m
5. Lim Ching Yong 379 PinkBike Trading 10.02 a.m
6. Jafirdaus Jamaludin 333 KTcycletron 10.03 a.m
7. Ravikumar 754 Soo Beng 10.04 a.m
8. Saijod Lau Tae Way 238 Cross ORT Xc 10.06 a.m
9. Chan Seong Phun (Sean) 863 MKH Cycling 10.07 a.m
10. Goh Yong Choon 787 Soo Beng 10.08 a.m
11. Lim Sang Lay 797 Soo Beng 10.11 a.m
12. Koo Jun Pin 788 Soo Beng 10.14 a.m
13. Neng Ai Seng 239 Cross ORT Xc 10.16 a.m
14. Lim Sian Eien 792 Soo Beng 10.19 a.m
15. Mohd Edham Khalid 894 DueRoda Extreme Bianchi 10.21 a.m
16. Faizal Jusoh 906 KHTBikerz 10.22 a.m
17. Chen Kim Heng 548 OZE Cycle 10.23 a.m
18. Chuah Aik Hwah 354 PinkBike Trading 10.24 a.m
19. Chai Ching Cal 153 MKH Cycling 10.24 a.m
20. Nor Azam B Mat Nor 766 Soo Beng 10.25 a.m

Category Women
1. Michelle Fong Lay Guan (135) Penang 10.56 a.m

Friday, July 10, 2009


CYCLING define as :

Bicycling, also called cycling or biking, is the use of bicycles as a means of transport, a form of recreation, or a sport. More detail.....

RUNNING defines as :

It is defined in sporting terms as a gait in which at some point all feet are off the ground at the same time. More detail.....