Sunday, March 29, 2009


This ride plan a few days ago...alhamdulillah..happend as plan.

This ride is part of Betong Ezi Ride that final date on 4 & 5 April. The Betong Ezi Ride is not easy as it's name...the long distance ride about 200 km is not a joke...

So this Chicken Pulut Ride from Kangar to Padang Besar and returns is to train our self for Betong Ezi Ride that will happend next week, insyaAllah.

As early 07:15hrs my self & Azam cycling from Simpang Empat through the Paddy field to meet Nazeri at Kangar with distance about 7km.

The Azam's bike pedal change from full clipless to Shimano SPD due to Azam shoes broken at the clip.

At 0730hrs reach at Titi Chai flyover...we will start from there.

After replace the pedal..the cycling start.

The route is through the Changlun - Kuala Perlis highway. Past through Arau..then Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin...end so so....

Nazeri bike...
My bike....
Azam bike....

Plan to have a breakfast at the stall infront the Polytechnic but unlikely the stall is closed.

We decide to have simple breakfast..the bread & Kurma madu at the retail shop.

Then continue cycling & exit from Changlun - Kuala Perlis highway to Chuping. Luckily found small stall..then have Nasi Lemak after cycling about 26km without taking any breakfast. alhamdulillah.

The stall is located in front of new campus of UNIMAP - University Malaysia Perlis, before known as KUKUM.

Continue the journey...past through the new rubber estate & huge sugar cane farm.

This area also located the sugar know as 'Gula Chuping' >>>supply widely to entire Malaysia.

Finally after cycling about 55km reach at Padang Besar.

Then have 'Chicken Pulut' favourite..original from Thailand.

After 30 minute at the shop...we start cycliing back to Kangar. The route is different as we come to Padang Besar, the route also past through huge sugar cane farm.

Far away....28km to go..

We past through the cement factory - CIMA>>at the back the cement factory....

Less rest...

continue cycling at reach at Kangar around 1230hrs..before having lunch at the Anjung Keli.

Then myself & Azam split with Nazeri....Nazeri cycling back home and also both of us.

The total jurney is about 100km which more than our expectation..and we are ready for Betong Ezi Ride...insyaAllah.

The route...

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Thanks to all riders...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The warm up cycling initially plan to start early morning..before 7 o'clock..but...become 9 o'clock. At that time the sun already raise.

After Kulim Jamboree..I'm stop cycling outdoor..only a few time cycling indoor due to commitment to work. The route also change from nearer place..Utan Aji.

So I decided to cycling along the 'paddy field' road.
I like to cycle in this area because there is less car..event though a motorcycle. So can ride safely...unless you cycle & accidently change from road to the small river at the both side of the road.
Along the 'batas ban' the villages take the opportunities to plant the manggoes tree...Perlis which popular with'Harum Manis'can easily seen during the manggoes season..but the price sometimes..RM8/kilograme for A grade.

From far..the 'white cloud' can be seen from the route..It's from the .cooling sytem'of the factory which not harmful to human being..and also the high voltage trunk for TNB distribution system.
After 30 minute cycling & climbing ..reach at the 'Medan Mountain'..
.take a rest..walk around the area..before down hill & cycle back home.
The view from the top ...from far..the Kangar city

Next>50 km..before Betong Ride with mtb riders from Northen M'sia. Interested to on Betong Ride.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The fisrt MTB jamboree for this year..happend on 8 Mac 2009. 5 members from Perlis Power MTB Club join the event.

The day before....

Azam, Nazeri, Yus & Shiva went to Kulim with VOLVO (tq - abg Dan) to let us use the car...

The wide cargo space allow the team to keep the 4 set of mountain bike safely...

I'm the last person from the team..depart from Kangar..around 2100hrs. The heavy raining along the way to Butterworth..give a big challenge..the view limited about 5 to 10 metre I guess. But...with strong spirit...I tell my self to continue the journey....

Reach Kulim - Seri Malaysia around 2330hrs. Then go the meet my friends...everybody are get ready to sleep...for tomorrow event..

I have to prepared my bike for the off road tyre..take about 30 minute to finish both back and front

The race day...

Early in the morning..around 0600hrs everybody get ready. After Subuh and having breakfast at the hotel & early check out...left the hotel around 0700hrs...

Reach at the starting point almost 0720hrs....because of depart from hotel at the different time...I'm & azam left first...while yus, nazeri & shiva follow us but loss on the way....Result=difficult to meet that time already 0730hrs...the race already start..

We start the ride almost 10 minute before 0800hrs..due to small technical problem. Both my bicycle tyre looks like the air pressure become less...but I try to fix the problem by put some more pressure...

Let's go...Tawakkal

Up hill...& the check point..

I get my banana...special..the twins..

With mtb bloggers...

Waiting for 'lucky draw' Finally all the riders reach at the finishing line in the safe manner.