Thursday, March 26, 2009


The warm up cycling initially plan to start early morning..before 7 o'clock..but...become 9 o'clock. At that time the sun already raise.

After Kulim Jamboree..I'm stop cycling outdoor..only a few time cycling indoor due to commitment to work. The route also change from nearer place..Utan Aji.

So I decided to cycling along the 'paddy field' road.
I like to cycle in this area because there is less car..event though a motorcycle. So can ride safely...unless you cycle & accidently change from road to the small river at the both side of the road.
Along the 'batas ban' the villages take the opportunities to plant the manggoes tree...Perlis which popular with'Harum Manis'can easily seen during the manggoes season..but the price sometimes..RM8/kilograme for A grade.

From far..the 'white cloud' can be seen from the route..It's from the .cooling sytem'of the factory which not harmful to human being..and also the high voltage trunk for TNB distribution system.
After 30 minute cycling & climbing ..reach at the 'Medan Mountain'..
.take a rest..walk around the area..before down hill & cycle back home.
The view from the top ...from far..the Kangar city

Next>50 km..before Betong Ride with mtb riders from Northen M'sia. Interested to on Betong Ride.


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