Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alstom & GET - Circular Relay

This yearly event are sponsored by our main contractor Alstom. Each department will select their best 5 men to participate in this event. The challenge throphy will be given to the winner. Additional voucher that value a few hundred RM also give to all participant (the winner will get more).

For the first, second and third year the winner is - Alstom. But this year - GET is the winner for the first time. No doubt, Mat Saleh is stronger than Asian. Their tall, strengh etc is much better...but if proper traning are follow...there will be a our case. Anyway need to try harder next year..
So, how this event happend. Each team only allow to use 'only one mtb'. There are five check point to complete. The first runner will carry out the baton (pass). If the baton not reach at the next check point, next person can't run or cycling. Finally, if all the team member reach at the final check point, the team is the winner. Each team has their own strategy.


  1. Bravo.
    Nice blog.
    Beautiful pictures.

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    Have a nice day.
    Good luck.

  2. Hello Guys,

    Miss you all, and look forward to Langkawi 2009, Shame about ALSTOM missing the relay race last time, I think its more about strategy than being tall, muscular and handsome.
    Great blog, nice pictures and keep it going.
    Paul Harriman