Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alstom & GET - Circular Relay

This yearly event are sponsored by our main contractor Alstom. Each department will select their best 5 men to participate in this event. The challenge throphy will be given to the winner. Additional voucher that value a few hundred RM also give to all participant (the winner will get more).

For the first, second and third year the winner is - Alstom. But this year - GET is the winner for the first time. No doubt, Mat Saleh is stronger than Asian. Their tall, strengh etc is much better...but if proper traning are follow...there will be a our case. Anyway need to try harder next year..
So, how this event happend. Each team only allow to use 'only one mtb'. There are five check point to complete. The first runner will carry out the baton (pass). If the baton not reach at the next check point, next person can't run or cycling. Finally, if all the team member reach at the final check point, the team is the winner. Each team has their own strategy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Langkawi - 2 days 1 night

Langkawi Island - here we come..
Zezali, Abg Dan, Me & Bob all together went to Langkawi.

This event actually happend almost a year ago but nice to remember. On the first day, early in the morning all of us arrived at Kuala perlis Jetty. Rusdan cycling from our work place, Perlis Power Plant that located about 14 kilometre from the Jetty. Me, Bob & Zezali come with 'driver' - send by wife lah..

After buy ferry ticket which cost about RM15 for adult and RM5 for bicycle we transfer the bicycle to the ferry by our self. But today the fery fare already change...RM18 for adult and RM10 for a bicycle. From Kuala Perlis to Kuah (Langkawi Island city) take about 45 minute to 1 hour.
The ferry is very clean, with air condition and with movie on high quality dvd...
Depart from Kuala Perlis around 0900hrs and arrived at Kuah around 1000hrs. Langkawi is the correct place to cycling. After have breakfast at Mamak Nasi Kandar at Kuah city, then we cycling to Chenang beach. The chalet that we choose already arrange by Zezali who well known with this island because his wife is from Langkawi.

We choose to cycling around the main road. Arrived at the chalet 2 hrs later and check in. After that we continue cycling to Burau Bay . Almost all the route is 'tar road'. Langkawi is much better compare >15 year ago - [remember: 1 week cycling Langkawi after SPM].

The Langkawi driver is concern to bikers...they slow down their vehical when pass through us. At Burau Bay we have lunch..the curry is good. Thanks to Langkawi chef..the price is reasonable. (Kena cakap loghat utara la - biaq pekat sikit).Then we go to Padang Lalang. On the way to Padang Lalang, one of our friend got accident. His front bike tyre boom...during that time i'm cycling behind him, and i'm become Superman. Luckily, no car or lorry behind us. Replace the tyre tube and and bring the tyre to bicycle shop - because we left the pump at the chalet.

Then we continue to go back to our chalet and preparing dinner - bbq (lamb & chicken roaster). Me and Rusdan continue cycling to chalet while Zezali and Bob continue...but on the pick up (4WD). Very tired..almost 70km on the first day..

Arrived at the chalet almost 2000hrs. After take shower..start prepared for dinner. The bbq is planned earlier - before we come to Langkawi. Zezali who is the lamb supplier give great discount for the lamb. So the material prepared and only to cook

Bob take 1/2 chicken and the rest by me, zezali, rusdan and Zezali cousin.

The next day, early in the morning after breakfast with ..again the lamb we cook last night, we depart from the chalet to Jetty.....through Bukit Malut.On the way back we buy the famous from Langkawi, 'GAMAT' oil. About more than 1/2 hrs spend to see the processing procedure...very interesting. Also try to feel the 'minyak panas' in the big frying-pan (kawah la tu..)

This road (Malut Hill)is recommended to all bikers who plan to cycling here...more than 10 uphill and downhill on road...around 15 kilometre. Better cycling on the last day..keep the energy to tour around Langkawi.

Finally arrived at Kuah Jetty after shopping at Kuah store some chocolate. The advantage cycling in Langkawi are lot of place to stay, the road is five star and you don't have to buy 'pinggan mangkuk' if some body as to place to keep because riding bicycle. That's all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pauh Cycling XTVT

Sunday 12 Oct 08;
8 members of perlispowermtbclub get together for group cycling after long brake...fasting month & aidilfitri celebration. At 9 o'clock every body at site with own mtb. The route lead by mr Shiva who is more experience about Pauh track.

The starting point is infront of main guard house Politechnic Syed Sirajuddin, Pauh which located about 10km from Arau Royal town. The track almost 99.5% off road.

After cycling almost 8km, through rubber estate another group member from Pauh meet with our group.The member of the group mtb rider which I could remember are 'cik own & veyrone' from Northen-Xtrailers.

After some discussion and introducing each others, everyone agreed cyling together. Yes...go to small waterfall. After take bath with cool water, then everybody return to starting point and the meeting end at 1230 o'clock.(see more photo on slide below)