Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pauh Cycling XTVT

Sunday 12 Oct 08;
8 members of perlispowermtbclub get together for group cycling after long brake...fasting month & aidilfitri celebration. At 9 o'clock every body at site with own mtb. The route lead by mr Shiva who is more experience about Pauh track.

The starting point is infront of main guard house Politechnic Syed Sirajuddin, Pauh which located about 10km from Arau Royal town. The track almost 99.5% off road.

After cycling almost 8km, through rubber estate another group member from Pauh meet with our group.The member of the group mtb rider which I could remember are 'cik own & veyrone' from Northen-Xtrailers.

After some discussion and introducing each others, everyone agreed cyling together. Yes...go to small waterfall. After take bath with cool water, then everybody return to starting point and the meeting end at 1230 o'clock.(see more photo on slide below)

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