Thursday, February 5, 2009

IT - Information Technology - 1/2009 (Sony Ericsson C 902)

This new segment as promise in the earlier post to describe any related IT product that contribute in making the 'blog'. Some information might be useful to everybody who like to explore the wide range of IT.

IT is define as 'refers to both the hardware and software that are used to store, retrieve, and manipulate information'. Anyway I would like to discuss IT futher...

This post will discuss about Sony Ericsson C902. What it is???

Yes..u are is one of the latest model handphone of Sony Ericsson.

The multimedia handphone which I bought a few days ago will be use to take photo (5 megapixle), video clip, 'online blogger', 3G etc.
This multimedia handphone Sony Ericsson C902 is replacing my digital camera NIKON S50 which lost end of 2008 while cycling in the Wang Angin

Detail specification of Sony Ericsson C902<<<<

How good this multimedia handphone will be discuss futher in the IT post & the quality of the photo + video clip could be seen in the next post...the most I like about Sony Ericsson C902>>> able to perform online blogger without using the laptop or personal computer...


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