Monday, November 10, 2008

BM Mountain Cross 08 - Race day

Early in the morning at 0500hrs, everybody wake up for own mission and complete the cycling in a safe manner. No injured and less pain...
After Subuh at Kilang Lama mosque which located very closed to our homestay. At 0640hrs everybody depart from there. Firstly to have a breakfast..
Other riders from BM also there...We reach at the starting point..Sungai Lembu; about 10 minute from the shop.
At that time already 0740hrs, 20 minute before flag off. The organizer starting to shout...15 minute..10 minute...please go to starting now...ok..ok.
All club members reach at the starting point 5 minute before flag off. The first 10km the cycling will be lead by YB and VIP...nobody allow for overtake them. Slow & steady...but 20-30km/h speed recorded.The CERTIFICATE..CONGRATULATION..

All riders follow the rule..but I'm very frust because still someone through the rubbish along the cycling trail..keep in mind this is our forest..keep clean..for our future generation..
The first uphill..everybody queuing. The cement road uphill is small & slippery..
Nice view..still smiling but where is check point..still far to go..

Again when downhill..queing..not able to cycle.Then there ...Mr RamliSP..with blue & yellow jersey..till meet again..

All together 3 check point to go..After 20km cycling the water supply all water check point yet?? This blue drum for...don't drink!! you will drunk...

From top view..guess how many metre from sea level??Very tough to get there??Many uphill...& downhill

Then finally reach at the finishing point..the first rider complete the event after 2.5 hrs from the starting time..congratulation..How they do it??more picture for the winners..

more picture from Pawana riders....BM Mountain Cross

Thats all...any comment are welcome..Hopefully everybody enjoy this story @ event..
Tq - ari

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