Sunday, November 9, 2008

BM Mountain Cross 08 - the day before

Perlis Power MTB Club - take part for this event. About 12 numbers of riders all together. They are Azman, Adam Tan, Shiva, Yusry, Ari, En. Nik, Nazeri, Azali, Zahid, Rusdan, Aiman (Rusdan son) & special guest ...Hisham. Actually there are two more members..Nor Azam & Mohd Rizal should join us but for a few reason they not able to come.

After a few training either cycling from home to work place or off road at Pauh, Arau, the riding tomorrow will test our endurance, stamina and strengh.

Me & Zahid arrived at Penang early in the morning because have the business matter. Around 1000hrs we went to collect our godiess from KTcycletron. The perlispowermtbclub participant list that I'm already print out and will submit to the organiser. The participant list also print and show at the bicycle shop entrane.Not more than 10 minute the godiess change hand.
The godiess included cycling jersey, cap, head cover, hand cover, certificate of completion and free voucher for paintball that contibute by Kelab Sukan Combat Speedball, Penang. Thanks a lot to the organiser.

All club members get together at Kulim before midnight. We stay at the Putra Garden homestay. Also others riders from Perlis..Cikgu Fikri, Pak Non and their friends comes meet us. Before 0200hrs everybody take rest(sleep), preparing for tomorow ride.

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