Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Blogger...the tittle to anybody that have their blog.

When u read this 'article', thats mean u are now reading from a blog. May be from today onwards you want to have your own blog.

How to start?

1. Register with mail provider like yahoo or hotmail to get the valid email address. Either use the existing or create new one; up to you.

The valid email address will be use to log in the blog later. Please remember your email if you create the new one.

2. When you have the valid email. Create the blog by click at the top page of this blog.

3.Then fill up the require particular.

When continue & follow the instruction.

Thank you.

Good luck ~ ari

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wang Kelian - Conditioning Ride

Wang Kelian - Saturday 25 Apr 09

Hj Nik & Me (Perlis Power MTB Club), ZanKX, Cikgu Zul & Dik Eeii (TRM Mtb Club) , Khalid & Din (from Kangar) join the group.

Total distance approximately 80 km from Kangar (return). Start from Kangar at 0715hrs and finish at 1130hrs. TRM ahead the journey..start sharp at 0700hrs and follow by me & Hj Nik 15 minute later.

The black is going to rain.

The signboard show the attractive place at Perlis.


While waiting others...& the 2nd long ride with my TREK

From Kangar with constant speed 28 to 30 km/h for the first 20km show some improvement after a few ride before. When start climbing the hill from Kaki Bukit to Wang Kelian the speed reduce to 5 to 10 km/h only.Hj Nik climbing the hill...

Reach at the Wang Kelian border at 0915hrs - about 2 hrs ride (non stop). TRM + Khalid & friends already finish their breakfast.

After 30 minute meeting we cycling home. Khalid & Din park their car at Kaki Bukit & drive back to Kangar. While 5 of us cycling back to Kangar.

On the way the T-junction Timah Tasoh Dam the raining start. Then follow by heavy rain...for about 10 km cycling in the rain.

TRM ahead the journey again...and follow by Hj Nik and me. We slow down the ride during the raining because the visuality is limited (we are wearing spectacle) & not able to maintain the speed min. 30 km/h to follow the TRM.

Finally reach at Kangar at 1130~1145hrs after have some refreshment -100 plus at the petrol station shop. The initial plan to cycle until Satun & return - cancelled due to many riders turn out last minute.

Thanks to all.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Latest mini laptop for sales..

The mini note DEMO

2 package HP 2140 offered:-

RM1,449.00 COD
1. Intel Atom N270 processor (1.60GHz)
2. 1GB RAM (upgrade later)
3. 160GB HDD
4. Integrated Web Camera & Wireless
5. 10.1” Wide Display
6. Suse Linux (able to install Window XP)
7. Spill Resistant keyboard
8. Scratch resistant Casing
9. 3 cell battery (able to change 6 cell battery)

RM1,699.00 COD
1. Intel Atom N270 processor (1.60GHz)
2. 1GB RAM ((upgrade later)
3. 160GB HDD
4. Integrated Web Camera & Wireless
5. 10.1” Wide Display
6. Window XP Home with Bluetooth
7. Spill Resistant keyboard
8. Scratch resistant Casing
9. 3 cell battery (able to change 6 cell battery)

more details.


Mobile: 019-388 5240

This mini notebook is suitable for the riders who want to get update with internet. The weight only 1.19kg is the best choice to bring along during riding ~ ari

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Date : 18 April 09 / 22 Rabi'ul Akhir 1430
Time : 0715hrs until 1115hrs
Distance : 70 km
Destination : Kangar - Changlun - Kangar
Participants : Yus, Hj Nik, Shiva & Ari

After long rest...except for (Yus who are cycling daily to work place) this ride to warm up the muscle....

At the middle of the cycling route (Kuala Perlis - Changlun Highway) meet with Bang Man (the owner of bicycle shop in Kangar) & Mr Lai, both with road bike.

Note : to view close up photo ...
1. move ur cursor on the selected photo
2.right clik the mouse
3.left click 'open link in the new tab.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Luck My Friend

Azman...our friend who will join the UAE company.

Also the most senior staff and the mtb rider from the club left the company soon.

We wish u success in the future carrier.

Azman bike >tayar 'ulaq ketam tebu'

The tree plant xtvt>>as a contribution to the world..
Some special gift from the company....

"My last", Azman. Look happy but......

With Bukit Air, Perlis.

Early cycling...from the plant..
Wang Angin - see the clip video

Never forget...

Last the Mai Cafe Kopitiam..

On behalf of all members...wish u good luck & not to forget to contact us. Also feel free to visit our blog.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Day 1 >> 4 April 09

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0700hrs - everybody assemble at Cinta Sayang Golf & Resort car park...Before the ride start - Hj Nik front bike tyre burst..
Azam & others helping..
Get know each others..
After shot briefing & doa by mr RamlySP the cycling start aroud 0745hrs.

Meet with other group at Putri Hill Park - Entrance.

Where Sungai Petani Jamboree take place..

Again the tyre burst..the bike upload on the support car...Also at the same time RamlySP tyre burst...replace on the spot..Betong.....

Hotel rate : from 300 to 500 bath which equivalent to RM30 to 50.

Decided to take the 500 bath room> the honeymoon suite

Adi & others members cycling back home..not overnight at Betong

One of the interesting place at Betong >Betong Nongkollit Tunnel

Betong City...
Infront of Betong mtb shop - owned by mr Amin...The nice guy.
Window shopping & buying the bicycle part...
Sight seeing...around Betong City

At the Betong sale
Energy food....'ulat, keridik & mcm-mcm ada'

Betong trade mark...the chickens
Inside the tunnel... the Betong city..

Tour de Betong with 'TUT TUT'

Creative toys - home made..
Day 2 >> 5 April 09

At the hotel...before the ride...2nd day..0600hrs local time

With abg Ramly - organizer
Breakfast before the morning ride...
Muslim shop...
Roti canai...pulut ayam..nasi dagang..nasi minyak...

Riding toward the Hot Spring with Betong MTB Club....
With Lontruth & Zul Marvelous

The special cage for egg cooking - take 7 minute to have half cook egg.

Hot Spring - 11km from Betong City...water temperature around 50 to 60 degc...
At the Malaysia - Thailand border...
Just after the border...

Thanks to all...for the event....