Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wang Kelian - Conditioning Ride

Wang Kelian - Saturday 25 Apr 09

Hj Nik & Me (Perlis Power MTB Club), ZanKX, Cikgu Zul & Dik Eeii (TRM Mtb Club) , Khalid & Din (from Kangar) join the group.

Total distance approximately 80 km from Kangar (return). Start from Kangar at 0715hrs and finish at 1130hrs. TRM ahead the journey..start sharp at 0700hrs and follow by me & Hj Nik 15 minute later.

The black is going to rain.

The signboard show the attractive place at Perlis.


While waiting others...& the 2nd long ride with my TREK

From Kangar with constant speed 28 to 30 km/h for the first 20km show some improvement after a few ride before. When start climbing the hill from Kaki Bukit to Wang Kelian the speed reduce to 5 to 10 km/h only.Hj Nik climbing the hill...

Reach at the Wang Kelian border at 0915hrs - about 2 hrs ride (non stop). TRM + Khalid & friends already finish their breakfast.

After 30 minute meeting we cycling home. Khalid & Din park their car at Kaki Bukit & drive back to Kangar. While 5 of us cycling back to Kangar.

On the way the T-junction Timah Tasoh Dam the raining start. Then follow by heavy rain...for about 10 km cycling in the rain.

TRM ahead the journey again...and follow by Hj Nik and me. We slow down the ride during the raining because the visuality is limited (we are wearing spectacle) & not able to maintain the speed min. 30 km/h to follow the TRM.

Finally reach at Kangar at 1130~1145hrs after have some refreshment -100 plus at the petrol station shop. The initial plan to cycle until Satun & return - cancelled due to many riders turn out last minute.

Thanks to all.

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