Sunday, April 5, 2009


Day 1 >> 4 April 09

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0700hrs - everybody assemble at Cinta Sayang Golf & Resort car park...Before the ride start - Hj Nik front bike tyre burst..
Azam & others helping..
Get know each others..
After shot briefing & doa by mr RamlySP the cycling start aroud 0745hrs.

Meet with other group at Putri Hill Park - Entrance.

Where Sungai Petani Jamboree take place..

Again the tyre burst..the bike upload on the support car...Also at the same time RamlySP tyre burst...replace on the spot..Betong.....

Hotel rate : from 300 to 500 bath which equivalent to RM30 to 50.

Decided to take the 500 bath room> the honeymoon suite

Adi & others members cycling back home..not overnight at Betong

One of the interesting place at Betong >Betong Nongkollit Tunnel

Betong City...
Infront of Betong mtb shop - owned by mr Amin...The nice guy.
Window shopping & buying the bicycle part...
Sight seeing...around Betong City

At the Betong sale
Energy food....'ulat, keridik & mcm-mcm ada'

Betong trade mark...the chickens
Inside the tunnel... the Betong city..

Tour de Betong with 'TUT TUT'

Creative toys - home made..
Day 2 >> 5 April 09

At the hotel...before the ride...2nd day..0600hrs local time

With abg Ramly - organizer
Breakfast before the morning ride...
Muslim shop...
Roti canai...pulut ayam..nasi dagang..nasi minyak...

Riding toward the Hot Spring with Betong MTB Club....
With Lontruth & Zul Marvelous

The special cage for egg cooking - take 7 minute to have half cook egg.

Hot Spring - 11km from Betong City...water temperature around 50 to 60 degc...
At the Malaysia - Thailand border...
Just after the border...

Thanks to all...for the event....