Thursday, April 2, 2009


The Bike...

Early morning, I went to Skynet Kangar Branch to get my 'new mountain bike' The bike delivered from Singapore - Johore - Perlis for less than 24hrs..very good service.

The specification not so high end..but enough for my usage. The spec...shimano deore, rock shox dart 3 & avid juicee 3 etc...

This is part of the up coming improve the mtb cycling with a better bike.

Spend money to buy something that can improve our health is uncountable in the buy something that would contribute or improve your a mountain bike or something else like good running shoes etc. is a good investment.

But its depends on the need to buy the bike that cost you more than RM10k if only to cycle around your villages/town...but for quality and the light bike the price is 2nd consideration..

The bike body cover to avoid damage/scratch before delivered to customer...
So the first long ride is to Betong Ezi Ride >>100% tarmac about 200km with others members that planned on 4 & 5 April.

The bike tyre need to change with suitable road tyre ie. size 26 x 1.5 the price around RM100 for a pair or the other size 26 x 1.95 like Maxxis MaxLite which 310 gram each that cost you RM300 for a pair.


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