Friday, July 17, 2009


Why Cycling ??


Why Running??

Because both are faster than walking......

There are many reason why people cycling or running....


Reason :

1. weight loss

2. hobby

3. go to work

4. race or competition

5. transportation

6. prestige

7. the bicycle not require fuel

8. the bicycle is cheap

9. my father give me as present - it's free of charge

10. my friend as me to cycling with her

11. more..more...



1. I'm late to work

2. The dog is chasing me...

3. It is going to rain

4. I don't like walking

5. I buy new running shoes

6. I'm look mancho

7. weight loss

8. I don't like cycling

9. to increase my fitness

10. hobby

11. I want to move faster than my friends

12. To burn more calories

13. more..more..more

There will be more than hundred reason why people cycling or running . ...

What expert says about these matter :

1. Orthopedic researchers from the Indiana University stress that running and jumping exercises during childhood and adolescence help build bone density and strength, thus preventing against osteoporosis later in life. Running and jumping are weight bearing exercises and thus are more effective than cycling or swimming for building bone strength. More detail....

2. The long run starts with the longest distance you've covered within the last two weeks and increases by one mile on a weekly long run up to 8-10 miles. At that point, you'll shift to running long every other weekend, increasing by two miles each time. For the marathon, once you reach 18 miles, increase by three miles every third week. For the half marathon, once you reach 8 miles, increase by two miles every third week. More detail.....

3. Tip to become a runner. More detail.....

4. Running training tip. More detail.....

5. Cycling basics. More detail....

6. More about cycling from EXPERT.....More detail....

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