Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Almost a week not able to access to the internet...

A few trouble shooting carry out but the problem can't resolve...

These are the list trouble shoothing has been done :

The error code appear on the screen:

Error 678 – Remote computer did not respond

Possible cause
Faulty hardware: Modem, network card, splitter

Check your modem "Link/DSL" light status:

* A blinking light may mean a faulty modem, a faulty splitter or a lost connection
* Reboot your modem (switch it off, and then on again)
* Make a direct connection from the wall socket straight to the modem, bypassing the splitter
* Try using another RJ11 (telephone cable)
* If the light is still blinking, please call TM Customer Contact Centre (100) and select "Internet Services" for assistance

If the "Link/DSL" light is lit, try to uninstall the current dialler and reinstall it.

Check your LAN/ETH light on the modem. If it is off, try the following:

* Ensure that your network card is fitted properly and enabled
* Reinstall your network card software/driver
* Ensure that RJ45 (network cable) is properly fitted to the modem and PC
* Try using another RJ45 (network cable)

Note: If the light is still off, it is possibly due to a faulty modem, network card or network cable.

Possible cause
Connection problem at Internet Service Provider

If the above does not resolve the problem, it may be due to a connection problem at TM. Call TM Customer Contact Centre (100) and select "Internet Services" for assistance.

More trouble shooting guide from TM

I carry out all the trouble shooting guide...except call TM Customer Contact Centre..

Finally I found that the cable from ADSL modem had been bitten by ' rat'. After...replace the the cable...the connection back to normal...

Picture the broken cable...almost cut off


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