Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perlis Power MTB Club - 2000 hit

On behalf of Perlis Power MTB Club, I would like to say thank you very much to all club members and all blog visitors (riders or not riders).

The 'blog' for my own opinion is consider very important especially who are interested in specific interest like mountain bike, football, photograph or etc...The updated news or story able to view all around the world 24hrs a day..where the internet connection available. No need to email or give a phone call to say or inform something...

The visitor counter not only to show how much the blog has been view but its also rate how popular the blog is...sometimes the popular blog more than 1000 visitor per day which equivalent to 2 month visitor of this blog.

To those still not have the free counter can do so by visit from list website :
1. Neo counter
3. etc

But between neo counter & widgeo counter there is some different number of visitor..almost 40++ for 2000 hit. Both counter are set not include the administrator visit to update & post the 'new post'..I'm not sure why this happend...


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